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Walsh Library Study Rooms (4 Hour Max) Change Location

Group Study Room Policy

  1. Only Seton Hall students, faculty, and employees holding a valid Seton Hall University identification card may use the group study rooms. Two members of your group with valid SHU email addresses are needed to book a group study room. Group study rooms must be used by two or more individuals, not to exceed 10 individuals.
  2. Group study room bookings must be made online. An individual may only reserve a room once per day for a maximum of four hours. Please note all reservations must be confirmed via email within 30 minutes of booking a room or the reservation will be cancelled.
  3. You must check in within 15 minutes of your booking start time. If a room booking is not checked in within 15 minutes of the reserved time, the booking will be cancelled. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance and a reservation must be cancelled by the University, the University will not be held responsible.
  4. The group study room should be vacated immediately when the booking expires.
  5. You have the option to check out a Microsoft Surface Hub pen. If the pen is damaged or lost, there is a replacement fee of $150, subject to change.
  6. The University is not responsible for any data that may be lost on the digital workspaces or any other University equipment.
  7. No defacing of University property. The individuals booking the room will be responsible for all damage to University property and subject to the cost of repair and cleaning, and subject to disciplinary action. The responsible individuals should inspect the room and report any pre-existing damage to the circulation desk staff immediately. Any unreported damage found would be your responsibility.
  8. Food & beverages are allowed. However, you must remove all food items from the group study room before your booking expires. If food or beverages are discovered after the booking expires offenders are subject to a $25 fine and Group Study Room privileges will be revoked.
  9. No smoking, vaping, or burning of candles. Offenders are subject to a $25 fine and ejection from the premise.
  10. No inappropriate behavior. No loud noise or music allowed. Noise travels easily though the rooms.
  11. Abuse of the policy will result in a ban of group study room privileges as determined by University Library Administration.
  12. Do not leave the room or belongings unattended. Remember -- you are the responsible parties. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.
  13. Furniture may not be rearranged, nor chairs brought into or removed from group study rooms, and blinds should not be raised.
  14. Students in the room may be asked to temporarily vacate the room for housekeeping staff to clean it, and then may return when the housekeeping staff have finished. 

                                               Statement of User Responsibility

I acknowledge the rules governing the use of the group study room and accept full responsibility for any damage incurred while the room is in my custody. Any pre-existing damage as noted upon my inspection of the room and listed above are not my responsibility.